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Joy of Life: Where It’s Hidden…

Many of the people choose to be silent about what they want to believe in because of the pressure put by the society where they live, which blocks them from feeling free to express their feelings. At least they usually face the verbial slaps by the people that they want to share their own beliefs or wishes with in their own lives.

But, each of us should keep in mind that every creature lives on what they believe. Actually, this is more valid for the humankind; that is to say “for us”… We can never go on to be living if we have no aims or beliefs or ideas or even ideals since all these are the things that make us “something” in the universe and it helps our sign be noticable.

In order to be a matter/substance (unlike the physicians proves), I do not think that something does not need only the fact that “it has to occupy space or possess rest mass“… Beyond these two, they have to have spiritual meanings in the universe. They need to have mental features that are consisting of not only the reason but also the soul. Not trying to ignore the importance of the physics that is anyway right in what it proves, let’s just say this is just supposed to be said for “the humankind”. Because even if we human beings possess the rest mass and occupy some space, we are nothing without our beliefs or reason or wishes or ideals or aims and sooooooooooo on…

In this post, I just try to demonstrate the significance of the things beyond the physics. So I just wish no person should not be judged for what they believe (even if a person focuses on “the reason” while another builds metaphysical beliefs for himself/herself) because these beliefs or ideals(whatever they are) are what helps them be still alive.

The last curtain;

“Joy of life is hidden at the heart of what one wants to believe in!”

belief is home to us

 “All we believe is, in a way, all we are… Cuz  belief is home to us!”


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