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Rain Away: Recalling


It, rain tomorrow!

And I will pass away.

It,rain tomorrow harshly,

Rain on me under the earthly


Daddy waiting there for me…

Mom will weep out all for losing me.

In my mind I’ll be reborn in paradise,

Even tho’ in my heart there is a pain to colonize.


rain awayI recently remembered my dad  that I lost when I was just 5 and I had to remember the reality of “death” that takes place on earth and even on the whole universe since the beginning of the life on earth. 

There is no way to stop it or postpone it if it is time to pass away. Noone can be sure about whether they will still be alive even a minute later. But there are some points that we must know and remember all the time not because we are still alive but because of the fact that we will be nothing but something buried under the earth.

– We can never take our property with us to the “other world” anyway

– No bad things(like revenge) we did or will do to other people will be of no advantage or will never save us at the place where we will go in the end

– No need to pour tears on something that is of no importance or the ones that never deserves much value.

– Even though most of us think that love is a pleasure that everyone should taste, it has “the sad part” that “the one you desire to be with never knows what you feel inside yourself”

As a result, the only reality and the greatest deal of the life is “death” which is forever and never-ending (at least it seems so right now). We should never ignore this matter.

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