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Come with the New Year!

As you can infer from the title of this post, I’m just a newcomer to WordPress and have recently decided to post some pieces of writing here. And it seems that I waited for the New Year in order to do that. That is why I have written something like a wish for the New Year for all… Just enjoy it!

Let’s revise our lives with some little details we experienced in our lives;

– Age 1: We had already learned how to walk by being held by our moms and in addition to this we started to speak “Mommy” or “Daddddy!” or some weird sounds like “burrp”…

– Ages 2 to 6: We had no problems ‘cuz we ignore all around us as well as the best is that nothing would matter for us. And even we could own what we like even tho we had never told our parents to buy them for us. Perhaps what we are scared of most was “the time to be circumcised”… 🙂

– Ages 6 to 11: Was the period we call “Primary School” in which we encountered the “ideas” and “the masters of those ideas” that would shape our personalities and futures.

– Ages 11 to 18: These years was our “weird, making us crazy, seeming like neverendind, causing us to be egocenctric and even strange” times, including the period of adolescence that made us notice “My childhood is really over”. We learned how to get mad or feel ashamed and fall in love or began to shave our beard or do make up(for girls)… Or we tried trying to draw attention of some girls by pouring some hairgel for giving f**king silly shapes to our hair 😀

Ages 19 to 23: Almost the beginning of ages in which we started to put our personalities, friends, community or some other stuff in an order. It was also the time that we made decisions for our future personalities like  “Shall I have some moustache on my face?” or “Should I wear sporty or formal?”… And the most important detail about these years was the fact that we were getting ready to be a person that is “down-to-earth”

Maybe each individual has different lives from what I talk about but I tried to figure out the periods of our lives in general. In addititon to these, every person might have some other experiences in their lives…

I am 23 and by the way I do not really know what will happen in my life even a second later. So I cannot comment on about future.

There can be always a change, ups and downs, a climax or a falling action affecting our lives. But the only thing that never changes is “the death of the previous year” and “the birth of a new year” like “the death of a person” and “the birth of another”. That is why in my first post here, I wanted to wish an “Awesome, Amazing, Full of Cheers, Lack of Problems and Tears” New Year to all by trying to make you remember the summery of your lives.

Come With the New Year

Happy New Year…

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