Absolutely Nothing by Osoanon Nimuss

Absolutely Nothing by Osoanon Nimuss

Absolutely Nothing by Osoanon Nimuss

It’s been sooo long since I last read such a poem that moves the emotions up and up.

This poem was also cited in the book (and also the movie) “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky


Report Me If I Bring About A Bug


Today, make me feel loved

And I’ll care of your tag

Tomorrow, get me fixed

Or I’ll cry cuz of a little gag


Come to your dream, not to your body

Let you be a stream within my drama

That doesn’t mean you’re a tragedy

Instead, awesome tears for a melodrama


Pour together with me from the sky

Like a snowflake hugging another one

Rain on the passion like when I cry

Just as through the sensation I wanna run


Tryin’ to ornament you with my fulfilling care

So, please donate me a never-ending hug

You should get blessed with an excellent affair

Report me if I bring about a bug.


Report a bug

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion


Losing my religion!…

Two Words and Two Steps

Just two words, enough to break a heart that loves you

And then it’s nonsense that you write novels;

Just two steps, you are on the side of “single”ness,

And then it’s useless to climb up the hills.

(quoted and translated from  a Turkish song Sonbahar by Halil Sezai)

We have a community around us consisting of our family, our close friends and some other acquaintances. And they are all what make us continue our lives anyway. But they are also the factors that sometimes can cause great emotional hardships on us. 

You know the stuff of  friendship for example. We meet friends, spend time with them, make jokes to them or have quarrels with them and so on. But when it comes to having a quarrel equal to a psychological battle, it destroys our spirits and leave us thinking “what the hell you did to make them hurt you that much?!”.

Heyy wait! Yes I know quarrels are part of life but at least we can be careful about what we are saying during a discussion if the situation is not that bad in fact. But if we do not care what we are saying during a discussion we cannot have anything to do anymore after the quarrel is over. Because everyhing has already happened and you have already hurt the one that you have just shot with your words. So after that it makes nonsense even if you write “apologize letters” or “novels that tells about your excuses for those harsh words”.

going away

And one more point; sometimes a quarrel may give an end to a relationship of lovers. If the guy or girl has to break up for some reasons this break-up should be done in an understanding and non-hurting way, not by using bad words to try to push him/her away. Because break-up is the easiest way like walking to the other room by taking a few steps. But then there is no way back like when you find nothing when you climb up the mountain. 

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Unhappy people

There are unhappy people everywhere… And to be unhappy is their own decision, not anyone else’s…

—The Beloved

unhappiness for nothing

Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia a la Quiaca

Music has always been an important part of my life and I love feeling the taste of music all the time. I usually have been into the sound of a song instead of the lyrics. But I don’t mean that lyrics are unimportant. However; I am more interested in the music that is the factor that makes me love a song.

I have recently found this piece of song by Gustavo Santaolalla who is an Argentine musician, film composer and producer and it made me feel multiple things inside my mind.

So, I hope you like it too…

Love is a pure need

Love is a pure need that has wild results and a bitter end anyway…


Pure Evil

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