Here is a page for many short sentences or long pieces of writing that cannot literally be called poetry or story/novel because I am not a poet or an author.

        To be honest, interested in languages, I am a musicmania that also loves “writing”, “drawing charcoals”, “watching movies by taking notes about them” and and that can “play a few instruments”. In addition, I feel like relaxing when I try singing and listening to music.   

        In my blog, I have decided to post just my pieces of writing ‘cuz I do not think it would be good to post my singing 🙂

        You, here, may find “many short flow of thoughts” as well as some other “phrases or clauses suddenly flashing in mind” or “lots of poemish lines in verse and even prose”. Additionally, of course I will also share some other stuff that draws my attention around there…


By the way, RESPECT to;

  • Everyone that has read or will read my page
  • Those who like or dislike my posts
  • In short; respect to the “world” that might influence this blog’s future anyway. . .


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