Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia a la Quiaca

Music has always been an important part of my life and I love feeling the taste of music all the time. I usually have been into the sound of a song instead of the lyrics. But I don’t mean that lyrics are unimportant. However; I am more interested in the music that is the factor that makes me love a song.

I have recently found this piece of song by Gustavo Santaolalla who is an Argentine musician, film composer and producer and it made me feel multiple things inside my mind.

So, I hope you like it too…


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About Words-to-Sense

I'm not literally a poet or an author. I just feel like relaxing when I can find chances to write and sing. Because I cannot blog my singing, I have decided to post just my writing in prose and verse as well...

3 responses to “Gustavo Santaolalla – De Ushuaia a la Quiaca”

  1. Emma says :

    Great song! I first came across him after watching the movie Babel, and finding out he wrote the score for it. He actually just released a new album called “Presente” with his band Bajofondo. I definitely recommend checking out their first single “Piso Piso.”

    • Words-to-Sense says :

      I first met this song while listening to a song of my favorite rapper. This song has been used as the sample of that song at the background 🙂

      Btw I liked Piso Piso. I don’t know why, but It reminds me of “Brother Louie” by Modern Talking 🙂 haha

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