Sound of Paradoxes

All poetry lovers or analyzers are aware of the presence of paradoxes used in poetry. There are many kinds of figures of speech and in some cases clarity may suffer from their use because almost all of them have undermeaning beyond their actual meaning (see. figurative language).

As a distinguished one, paradox is among the mostly-used figures especially within poems. And the use of it sometimes surprises the reader with the weird combination of contradictory ideas whose actual duty is  to form an underlying truth.

I wanted to connect their function with what we sometimes experience in our lives. For example, many of us find a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even a lifemate who is in opposition to our personality or intelligence. Even if she is a bitch or he is a bastard while you are a simple one and lead a calmer life (or vice versa), you may fall for him/her or we can get along with someone crazier than us more than we do with another normal friend.  Because as you see above, paradoxes are, in a way, available in the world to build a true togetherness as we often see in the poems.

All of these are what have recently made some words come to my mind and it is;

“Paradoxes may sometimes sound weird when they are alone, but when they take part within a poem, that poem sounds really sweet and complete.”


Paradoxes may sometimes sound weird when they are alone, but when they take part within a poem, that poem sounds sweet and complete.

As we can understand, the reason why the opposite personalities are attracted by each other (or we can also point out the contradictory combination of some objects or some other beings all around the universe) is just for completing one another, not to bring about clash or confrontation…  Finally, I should emphasize that paradoxical things or people should be used together when needed… Let’s not be afraid of living in contradictory atmosphere.



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I'm not literally a poet or an author. I just feel like relaxing when I can find chances to write and sing. Because I cannot blog my singing, I have decided to post just my writing in prose and verse as well...

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