To the Humanimals…

WE all have already learned about “what is violence” or “what are the reasons or results of wars“. Even though people are taught about such factors that have destructive and fatal effects on humankind or the society that people live in, we human beings still insist on gaining power on some useless things like “some pieces of land” or fighting being materialists desiring for money “that is indeed just a coin or paper“…

I wanted to demonstrate the violence occuring between our country that tries to protect its borders and the ones that attacks it to gain independency from it (indeed it is also their country that they even deffended against the foreign attacks in the past).

I mean there will be neverending nightmare in our society even for no reason. We are already independent altogether living in an amazing harmony, so there is no need in murdering each other anymore.

How to solve a problem!

By the way, the following lines are just to refer to all the fight-lovers in general…


No certain times you wiped them out…

You still are searchin’ what ‘bout?

Gun of my hatred is kinda “fatal”

Piss off away! You, smooth criminal…



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I'm not literally a poet or an author. I just feel like relaxing when I can find chances to write and sing. Because I cannot blog my singing, I have decided to post just my writing in prose and verse as well...

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